The GEA Niro FL-4 atomizer used for production of stearic acid prills with a particle size of D50 800 – 1200 microns.
The FL-4 atomizer gives a narrow particle size distribution PSD with a very limited fines fraction.
The umbrella shaped cloud of prills fills up the chamber and ensure a very efficient utilization of the cooling energy applied to the process.

Falling prills seen from below.
The GEA Niro designed FSC spray cooling chamber is sized perfectly for the production of stearic acids. With a product solidification temperature of 50 C the chamber design has to be done perfect to minimize deposits and maximize capacity.
Important for you as a manufacture is the deposit free roof and minimal wall deposits even after hours of production.

A specially designed fluid bed for processing stearic acid products. The fluid bed has two sections – the center section and the outer ring section – each with a specific purpose.
Center section: Allows the plant to operate with a combination of temperatures of optimal solidification and energy consumption.
Outer ring section: High velocity area that receives the powder and gives the product sufficient residence time to minimize downstream latent heating problems with the products.

The perfect prills of solidified stearic acid product with good flow ability leaving the fluid bed.
A constant rate of product with a narrow particle size distribution PSD that do not require any downstream sieve – it can be packed directly.