"Mr. Dairy" - Vagn Westergaard

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The Milk Powder Technology section contains the book written by Vagn Westergaard. The book introduces the important features related to the Milk Powder Technology industry. Vagn Westergaard, also known within the dairy circles as Mr. Dairy, has been working with dairy products practically his entire life. Born in 1942 he entered the Danish dairy industry in 1956, when he was apprenticed as dairyman at “Birkely” corporative dairy.

In 1964 he entered the dairy school “Ladelund” in Southern Jutland for a year, where he studied to be a dairy technician. While still in dairy school, he applied to the Faculty of Life Sciences, where he was accepted in 1965. He studied to be a dairy engineer for four years and immediately after got employment at Niro Atomizer A/S (now GEA Niro) in Soeborg, Denmark. Vagn Westergaard worked for GEA Niro for 38 years, first as research and development engineer, then as sales manager and division manager for the dairy division.

Parallel to his job he also taught as senior professor at the Faculty of Life Sciences. In 2007 he retired from his full time position at GEA Niro, but still works as a consultant utilizing his invaluable knowledge of the dairy sector. Vagn Westergaard has since his retirement proved that he earned his nickname Mr. Dairy: to keep his relations to the world of dairy, he is now back to his roots again as he sometimes works as a dairy man at Soestrup corporative dairy near Holbaek, which is part of a working museum for the dairy corporative movement.